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I am Mame A. FAYE
Web Developer
As a Back-end PHP and Symfony Developer, I have more than 7 years of experience. Throughout my journey, I have contributed to the development of several solutions based on the following technology stacks: PHP (7, 8), Symfony (3, 4, 5, 6), RESTful APIs (API Platform, FastAPI, DjangoNinja), Elasticsearch (ELK), Python (Pandas, Polars, SqlAlchemy, Jupyter). Today, I am putting all this knowledge to work for the benefit of my future clients/collaborators.
My Recent projects
My Recent Experiences

Developpeur Web FullStack (Freelance)

InsuranceData VisualizingAlerting
Oct 2023 - Today | Continuity Tech, Paris, France

Backend developer on a SaaS project at Continuity Tech, enabling insurance companies to subscribe to and monitor their clients through alerts detected by analysis tools.

As part of a 3-person team, I was tasked with developing new features, refactoring and optimizing existing code. Additionally, I was involved in migrating from ApiPlatform 2.6 to version 3.3.

PHP8Symfony6PythonApiRestApiPlatformPHPUnitGitLabPostgresSQLDockerDatadogMéthode AgileRabbitMQMercure

FullStack Web Developer (Freelance)

Aug 2023 - Sep 2023 | Mukono Health District, MUKONO, Uganda

Visualizing vaccination data of Mukono district (Uganda) on an interactive map. Utilizing a shapefile and JSON statistics.

Converted the shapefile into JSON geo-coordinates. Set up the application using AstroJs, Svelte, Leaflet, and Bootstrap. Developed a Python script to map districts with JSON data, creating IDs based on subcountry names.


FullStack Web Developer

E-commerceData Analysis
Oct 2019 - Aug 2023 | Data Impact by NielsenIQ, Paris, France

Development of tools for handling large data flows.

Developer on an internal CRM project aimed at processing large data flows. We also needed to implement a workflow system to automate tasks such as product matching or categorization based on EAN or other attributes. To facilitate complex searches across millions of products, I was responsible for implementing Elasticsearch, initially self-managed and later on the cloud. I also created a Python worker to synchronize our database with Elasticsearch.

PHPSymfonyPythonElasticsearchAPI RESTPHPUnitGCP: Pub/Sub, Cloud Functions, Cloud Run, Google Cloud StorageBitbucket CIReactJsSQLBootstrapJavaScriptDockerDatadogGrafanaAgile MethodologyFast-APIDjango NinjaJupyter NotebookPandasPolarsSoftware Architecture