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AfyaCare is an innovative rechargeable Electronic Health Wallet application, specially designed for the Senegalese market. Developed with the Symfony framework, this groundbreaking application enables citizens of Senegal to manage their healthcare expenses transparently and efficiently while simplifying access to medical care.

Key Features:

  1. Rechargeable Health Wallet: Users can recharge their electronic health wallet at authorized pharmacies by depositing cash or making electronic payments. This feature ensures that funds are available for future medical expenses.

  2. Expense Management: Users can track their medical expenses, including medications, etc. The application generates reports for a comprehensive overview of healthcare expenses.

  3. Pharmacy Locator: Provides a list of authorized pharmacies and healthcare providers nearby, including pharmacies on duty.

  4. Medical History: Allows users to maintain a history of their medical visits, prescribed medications, etc.

  5. Data Security: Ensures the confidentiality and security of users’ medical and financial data in compliance with the strictest security standards.

  6. Fundraising: Users can create a fundraising campaign by specifying the beneficiary’s name, the reason for fundraising (e.g., medical expenses for surgery), and the target amount. Other AfyaCare users can contribute to the campaign by making a donation from their own electronic health wallet. Once the campaign reaches its goal or a portion of it, the funds are transferred directly to the beneficiary to cover medical expenses.


  • Healthcare Accessibility: AfyaCare facilitates access to healthcare by allowing users to proactively manage their medical expenses. It helps ensure that even underprivileged individuals have access to medical care through community generosity.

  • Expense Control: Users have better control over their healthcare expenses, which can reduce the financial burden associated with medical care.

  • Support for Local Pharmacies: Promotes local pharmacies by integrating them into the health wallet recharge system.

  • Medical History Tracking: Users have access to their medical history, which is useful for follow-up consultations.

  • Community Solidarity: Encourages community solidarity by enabling users to assist those in need.

  • Transparency: Provides complete traceability of funds collected and their utilization, ensuring transparency and trust.