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Expert Directory -

Gender Equality
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The 'Expert Directory' application is a web platform developed with the Symfony framework, aiming to promote the visibility and recognition of female experts in various fields in France. This powerful application connects experts with professional opportunities, media, and the general public, contributing to diversifying representation and empowering women in the world of expertise.

Key Features:

  1. Expert Profiles: Experts can create and customize their profiles by adding information about their experience, areas of expertise, skills, and achievements.

  2. Advanced Search: Users can perform advanced searches to find experts based on specific criteria such as industry sector, geographical location, etc.

  3. Profile Validation: Expert profiles are verified to ensure their authenticity and expertise in their respective fields.

  4. Media and Opportunities: Media, organizations, and businesses can access a list of qualified experts for interviews, conferences, collaborations, and expert advice.

  5. Content Publishing: Experts can publish articles, videos, and relevant information in their areas of expertise to share their knowledge and perspective.

  6. Personal Dashboard: Each expert has a personal dashboard to manage their profile, messages, etc.

  7. Integration with WordPress Sites via an API: The Expert Directory - offers seamless integration with WordPress sites through a custom API to facilitate site openings in other countries.

  8. Journalist Accreditation Management: Journalists can submit accreditation requests through the application, making the verification and tracking process easier. Experts can thus identify and interact more efficiently with accredited journalists for media collaborations.

  9. Newsletter and Email Creation with MJML: For effective communication with journalists and registered users, the Expert Directory allows the creation and sending of professional newsletters and informative emails using the MJML (MailJet Markup Language) language.


  • Promotion of Gender Equality: The Expert Directory contributes to promoting gender equality by showcasing female experts and offering equal opportunities in the field of expertise.

  • Professional Visibility: Experts have a platform to increase their professional visibility and share their expertise with a wide audience.

  • Connectivity: The application encourages connectivity and networking among experts, media, organizations, and the general public.

  • Diversity of Voices: Promotes diversity of voices and perspectives in professional and media fields.

  • User-Friendliness: Developed with Symfony, the application offers a user-friendly interface and a seamless user experience.